Proper Nutrition

With all sorts of crazy diets that promise quick results let’s try something innovative – proper nutrition and a regular dose of Ryobu-Kai karate.  And if you’re feeling even more daring, how about a supplemental gym regiment that isn’t trying to kill you?

Here’s another great article from the Mayo Clinic on basic nutrition.

Minako YamazakiProper Nutrition
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Functional Training

“Functional Training” and “Functional Movement” have become buzz words for gym rats as well as the occasional gym visitor. What does it mean? Well, let’s substitute “functional” for another synonym – “useful”. “Functional Training” is basically “Useful Training” i.e. useful for everyday movement to enhance one’s quality of life. Here’s a quick article from the Mayo Clinic explaining the importance of Functional Fitness Training.

Minako YamazakiFunctional Training
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