18 Apr 2017

UPDATE: New Curriculum Implementation Schedule

Message from the International Yudanshakai Executive Council (IYEC)


Following up on our March 18th conference call, the USA Yudanshakai Executive Council (USAYEC) heard a pretty a consistent level of concern over the pace and timing for the implementation of JKR’s revised curriculum.

With that in mind, the USAYEC has updated the implementation schedule to help alleviate some of the pressure you and some of your students may be feeling.  Additionally, we are clarifying the language used in the new Manual around requirements for Shodan, Nidan and Sandan.

It is crucial that instructors understand that much of the new material is not yet required for examinations, but will become required over time.

Please download 17.04.15- New Curriculum Implementation Schedule and familiarize yourself with it, also noting the following:

  • For Shodan requirements, “Student’s choice” shall mean one of the four kata listed, NOT all four, with only one being performed.  This will reduce the course load for Shodan by 3 kata.
  • For Nidan requirements, the single “Student’s choice” kata shall be one of the 3 kata from the Shodan “Student’s choice” list that was not performed for Shodan.
  • For Sandan requirements, the two “Student’s choice” kata shall be the remaining 2 kata from the Shodan “Student’s choice” list that was were not performed for Shodan or Nidan.
  • The implementation schedule has been revised to significantly lengthen the implementation time line and to better stagger the rollout of new requirements so that they aren’t all hitting at once.  This will help alleviate pressure on current students on the cusp of black belt examinations, as well as on instructors who have not yet learned the new material in order to teach it.

The USAYEC feels that the approach described above, as well as the new time lines, should balance the need to deepen our curriculum with realistic goals for both instructors and their students.  However, we will continue to monitor your feedback and can make additional adjustments as required, so keep the conversation going – we want to hear from you!

If you have any questions or concerns about this information, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Vice Chairman – IYEC

Minako YamazakiUPDATE: New Curriculum Implementation Schedule
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