9 Apr 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

JKR Newsletter: April 2017

50th JKRi is just around the corner! Registration closes on May 1, 2017.  No crying on May 2nd about how you didn’t make the deadline. Sensei Mina will drink your tears and gain the superpowers she’s always wanted.

The weekend is gearing up to be an exciting event. It will be full of great knowledge to take back to your dojos to share with your students.  Come with an open mind, be ready to sweat, and go home invigorated!



JKR International is very proud to announce Sensei Michiko Matsumoto of JKR Northern California – Eishinkan Dojo has been appointed executive assistant to Kaicho Yamazaki. She will serve as the translator for official documents and communication to and from JKR Japan Headquarters.

This is an incredible responsibility, but Sensei Michiko has already proven invaluable with her overnight translations of our JKR standards and protocol for Soke Konishi.

Congratulations, Sensei Michiko!


Attention Dojo Chos

Last day to submit orders for pick up during JKRi is April 15, 2017.  Due to the insanity of this year’s event orders placed after April 15th or during the event will not be ready for pick up.  Orders placed by April 15th will be ready for pick up on May 4th.

Dan Certificates from previous years will also be available for pick up for dojo chos on May 4th.

Please have dan exam applications submitted by May 1st.  Please copy and paste this link to your students that will be testing: http://jkr.com/dan-exam-form-2/  Payment for exams will be collected on May 4th.

That was a lot of dates that were thrown out there.  Here is a recap:

April 15, 2017: Last day to submit orders for pick up

May 1, 2017: Last day to register and submit dan exams online http://jkr.com/dan-exam-form-2/ (online only)

May 4, 2017: Pick up orders, dan certificates, and turn in dan exam fees



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