Developer’s Notes

Website and Application Specifications

How does the magic work here? Tiny, invisible ninjas built and maintain this application behind the scenes using the following items listed below for help. We’re listing it here for you in case you want to do the same for your own dojo’s website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the developer!


Change Log

Self-explanatory… this is a simple list of changes to this web application and when they were implemented.

1.1.5 January 2016 – in progress

  • Update: Revised and fixed several broken links and images for the How-To instructional pages and added some information for the Dojo Admin page.

1.1.4 December 2017

  • Update: Transitioned the registration system from the sub-domain to the official domain. Two sites in one?!? Crazy.

1.1.3 September 2016

  • Tweak: Re-configured the registration fields to be based on the yearly updates and added the field to allow when registration was submitted.
  • New: Official release of the sub-domain!  Took long enough, dude!

1.1.2 June 2016

  • Tweak: Removed some extraneous information fields to streamline the profiles. Less is more!

1.1.1 May 2016

  • New: Added additional Ultimate Member features and profile tabs.  New stuff is cool!
    • Private Messaging – in-site texting
    • Notes – dojo administrators can now added notes to members
    • Tasks – dojo administrators can add tasks (more specific notes) to members
  • New: Added the eCommerce framework to allow product sales like tickets to the tournaments.  Show me da money!

1.1.0 April 2016

  • New: Pre-development work to transfer database to the sub-domain.  Looks and feels better!

1.0.2 February 2016

  • New: Added support for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure”.  Data is now less vulnerable to basic hacking!

1.0.1 December 2015

  • New: Import members functionality. Finally!

1.0.0: November 2015

  • New: Official release! Whoo!
John Paul GonzalezDeveloper’s Notes