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Yasuhiro KonishiThe JAPAN KARATE-DO RYOBU-KAI (JKR) is a professional, international organization under the leadership of Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi, 10th Dan.

The JKR has branches located all over the world under the guidance of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, 8th Dan, International Director and Chief Instructor. The style of karate taught by the JKR is called Shindo Jinen Ryu. This style was founded by Yasuhiro Konishi, who learned karate from Gichin Funakoshi, Chojun Miyagi, Kenwa Mabuni, and Choki Motobu. Additionally, Konishi Sensei studied extensively under the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. The JKR also has a lineage dating back to the 16th century traditions of Takenouchi Ryu Jujitsu. Training in the JKR is conducted in the traditional Japanese method, stressing discipline, consistent attendance, etiquette, and hard work. The karate training in the JKR is life-long, and can be continued regardless of age.

Modern training in Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate-do incorporates elements of karate, aikido, jujitsu, and kendo in the formal curriculum, with an emphasis on philosophy and education. The curriculum also emphasizes Zanshin (the ability of an exponent to gain dominance over an opponent through an alert state of mind) and maintenance of proper physical posture.

The purpose of training in Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate-do is to develop the whole human being, physically and mentally. Through long-term, dedicated training the student learns to develop and unite Shin (mind), Gi (technique), and Tai (body)

in proper proportions. The end result is awareness of one's moral obligations and place in society.

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