Karate and Medicine

Karate has always been a big part of my life, and I became interested in it from a very young age. I began Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai when I was in 4th grade and have loved it ever since.

I came into karate thinking that we would be chopping blocks and yelling kiais, but I have found that this sport is so much more than that. I am now a nidan level black belt and believe that this sport has played a big part in who I am today. Karate has taught me to be disciplined, focused, and to show lots of confidence no matter where I am. I also saw the example of my senseis at Woodside, who not only devoted so much of their time to teaching us, but regularly practiced themselves, always working to improve.

Now as a sempai I am able to teach others and learn new skills from a teaching point of view. I have gone through struggles as well as successes as I have progressed through the different belts, each time learning a new skill. With these essential skills, I was able to apply for a competitive med-school program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Part of the application process included ten interviews at ten minutes each and I can say that the experience of preparing and testing for the each belt level really helped me.

I am now currently enrolled in a 6-yr combined BA/MD medical program with UMKC and believe that without karate I would not have been able to be as confident or as disciplined in my studies in school.

Emma Connelly
University of Missouri | Kansas City
Undergraduate | 6 Year-med

Minako YamazakiKarate and Medicine

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