JKR Investment Group is an entrepreneurial investor that helps ambitious startups and growing companies to build profitable businesses.
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We believe that each one of us has an inner fuze waiting to be lit and one's growth depends on whether they dare to set it on fire. We live by this concept because unless you constantly "blow yourself up" by taking on new challenges and put yourself forward, someone else will. So while we might seem like an easy breezy investor in the beginning, know that you will be challenged!
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We are constantly on the lookout for bright ideas and projects. If you call yourself the next big thing — drop us a line!
We are constantly on the lookout for bright ideas and projects. If you call yourself the next big thing — drop us a line!


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JKR Turns Startups Into Businesses

Today, the business world is flooded with new and existing projects on one hand. But on the other hand, the founders of startups encounter various obstacles in taking their companies to a level. The reasons can vary in accordance with the stage of the project. For example, some choose the wrong market, some develop an undemanded product, some make their ideas complicated or fail to build sustainable partnerships. That is why founders need to be supported and advised on a number of aspects - from legal issues to creating a successful business plan leveraging the in-depth expertise and wide network of strong partners Joker (JKR) is an investment company that is an industry expert and is aware of all the investment market's insights to offer professional assistance and support at any stage of the project development.

Start Partnering Through JKR Official Site

Every startup, whether newly launched or mature, needs mentorship on how to improve the business plan at large, enter and operate on complex markets, and raise awareness and the interest of the target audience.

JKR investment company invests in founders on fire for their ideas and those who are eager to accept the challenge to outdo themselves. With a wealth of expertise and professional management, the Investment Group has a lot to offer to guide the business to impressive results. JKR is a reputable investment group that also opens its doors to international projects. It knows how to give a fresh breath of air to a startup. So, feel free to contact the company through JKR official site.

JKR investment Company: Stock of Expertise

Since its establishment in 2017 in Cyprus, JKR investment company has reached and accelerated over a dozen of companies. With its commitment to the tech industry the fund provides its partners with cutting-edge tech solutions to help the product increase its engagement, retention and revenue. Preciously JKR had been focusing on the tech entertainment industry and had partnered with startups in the content creation sector and now the fund is diversifying its portfolio and invests in logistics, crypto, FinTech, EdTech, longevity etc.

JKR international cooperates with businesses of any size and provides an in-depth expertise of operating in complex markets and industries, a wide network and a brother-like mentorship and wisdom in decision-making. Moreover, JKR experts in fields like law, finance, marketing, HR assist businesses to predict its performance, reduce losses, and achieve the set goals in a shorter period.

The company has the strong management of enthusiastic, self-driven immersive leaders who are passionate about what they do. Therefore the JKR team continually advances its skills and masters innovative business strategies. In complex, JKR international is an independent investment group with access to major international markets and an accurate understanding of how to raise the efficiency of the business.

JKR Investing Parnters

Like any other ambitious company, JKR constantly pushes towards capturing the new trends and changes in the tech market, and mastering new approaches and skills. The company strives to be always informed and have the skills to be able to guide and assist their partners.

Today, JKR Investments is known for its partnerships with global companies like BETER, BETER Live, Betegy, WYN Global Media, Speed Media and Vector. The company also takes pride in successful exits: HellRaisers and WePlay Esport

JKR Group Commitments

JKR group has over a dozen companies from tech entertainment and other industries, over 1635 of total headcount across its portfolio and is expected to reach 162 million valuation in 2021.

  • relationships-focused approach;
  • transparency in collaboration and decision-making;
  • in-depth accumulative expertise in operating in complex markets and industries;
  • a wide network of people from all over the world to accomplish businesses' goals;
  • consultancy of the team of committed experts in law, finance, recruitment, PR, and etc;
  • brother-like mentorship, support and wisdom in decision-making.

JKR focuses specifically on startups to help them scale and grow sustainably.

JKR focuses specifically on start-ups to help them promote and shine among other stars

Choose JKR Company To Make Strides

As mentioned above JKR company offers a number of partnership benefits. When partnering with startups JKR invests not only funds but shares the right contacts for the entrepreneur. JKR company welcomes your business to make strides right now!